“We are one but we’re not the same”

Let me wish you a very warm welcome from everyone at Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club.

The ever changing climate and pressures on local authorities to maintain sport and leisure services led Bonnyrigg Rose Community Club to redefine what’s possible for a football club in terms of community engagement through the power of football. Our club taking the needs of the local community has become the leading stakeholder in delivering Mental Health education, Inclusion and Positive Destinations. Becoming a leading player linking and working with our local partners. We believe we are truly a key part of the fabric of the Community we live and work in.

The journey continues.

Our membership currently boasts >600 players (boys & girls combined) with over 100 qualified coaches fully covered by Disclosure Scotland.
The success story of Bonnyrigg Rose Youth section continues both on and off the park as does our growth. The Bonnyrigg Rose Football Academy prepare and recruit our Under 6 intake for transition from the Academy community coaching programmes into the youth section. This way of working has proved over the years to be successful.

Our number 1 motivation and key objective, which drives and shapes the ethos of the Bonnyrigg Rose Community Club, is to provide a clean, modern, safe place where everyone can enjoy playing football in fun learning environment – for us, this is at the very heart of what we do.

We recognise that children develop at different stages and at different paces and age/maturity are a big factor at the early stages…”we’re one but we’re not the same”

We aim to provide a place where children can develop and learn to play football in a fun and supportive environment.

It is our hope that everyone will enjoy playing the game at a level appropriate to their abilities, the best they can achieve and enjoy.
Another of our key aims is to develop good people, to teach young people core values such as respect for each other, to work hard and embrace new challenges. For us it’s about playing our part in helping to develop good people.

Across the whole club we work closely with the Scottish FA. The youth section plays a leading part in helping the club maintain its prestigious SFA Platinum quality mark. This is awarded to clubs who excel in their coaching standards, football development and their wider contribution to the local community. This recognition acknowledges our club as one of the most modern and leading Community clubs within Scotland. It is something we are proud to be part of.

At youth level our club genuinely believes it’s not the winning that counts but ensuring we provide the best development of our players at all levels.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all the volunteers across the Community Club for their continued commitment, effort and support. To those who are new to the Community Club, enjoy the journey.

Remember; this is the players, the children, the boys, the girls, the Youths, the young adults whom we serve its their club so let’s make it work – “We are one but we’re not the same”

Welcome to Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club

Jim Wilson
General Manager